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10 x 60' for Continued Journey

Ten x 60 minute sessions.

10 x 90' for Countinued Journey

Ten x 90 minute sessions.

Gift Certificates

Past Life Regression Therapy Gift Certificate

This is redeemable for a 2 hour Past Life Regression session (initial or follow up).

Signature Session (90') Gift Certificate

This is redeemable for a 90' signature session (initial or follow up).

ONLINE Private Sound Bath

This 60-minute class will be offered via zoom and you can invite up to 4 friends. The Class begins with a guided meditation, as your mind settles, the sound of Himalayan singing bowls gently emerges and other soft sounds begin whistling by you. Sound Therapy creates a deeply relaxing meditative state as it calms your central nervous system, soothing you completely. You will not only hear the sound, but you also feel the vibration of the bowls rippling through your body. You will sink deeper as your body begins to (re)align, it’s from this place of deep relaxation that your mind will settle & your body can heal. You will leave feeling mentally calm and physically relaxed. (Ps. wanna invite more than 4 friends...reach out.)